Why can’t I delete my OnlyFans account?

If you are trying to delete your OnlyFans account and were not able to delete your account then you may have many people following your account by paying the subscription fees.

If you want to delete your Onlyfans account then you have to first give refund to all those users who have subscribed to your content for the whole month.

OnlyFans does not allow you to delete your OnlyFans when someone has already paid for your content.

What you can do I wait for another month and don’t upload anything on your account so that most of the user will cancel their membership by themselves and you don’t have to pay them.

After that follow these instructions to delete your OnlyFans Account :

1. Login to your Account on the OnlyFans Website.

2. Go to Setting by clicking on the profile icon on the top right and then Settings.

3. Go to My Account section by Clicking on “account” under profile section

4. Scroll down to bottom and click on Delete Account drop-down menu.

5. Type the captcha code in the box and Click on red coloured Delete Account Button

6. A confirmation box will appear, Click on Yes, Delete.

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