What is OnlyFans used for?

OnlyFans is a go-to app for those trying to make it in the adult film industry—the first time that I heard about the app was within the context of a girl selling explicit photos and videos of herself for a subscription price on the app.

I’ve read more articles about girls selling nudes on the app than of any other usage scenario. Notably, the second most common usage that I came across were fitness models who used the app to offer V.I.P. access into their lives for a monetary subscription.

The ones who benefit most from operating OnlyFans profiles are those whose work in life is very physical—generally related to lifestyle; shown at its best via a visual format. This means sex work, physical fitness, sports, travel, and to some degree photography.

The difference too—is that Instagram already serves most of these niches; minus sex work because of their strong stance against explicit photos. Twitter has been much more lenient—it is much more common to see adult models using Twitter along with OnlyFans to cultivate their social followings within the social media landscape.

Some might say that OnlyFans is a cop out and doesn’t take talent; but I’ve read enough articles and personal stories that depict their work on the platform—it’s not as easy as it sounds.

For instance, there is even a segment of users who are not interested in anything explicit—but are just lonely. These guys—and girls—pay for attention from an OnlyFans user who is perceived as the perfect companion.

To top it off, models who know that their job is to give attention to these people—they notice when some of their most interactive clients stop interacting and they personally reach out to them to see if everything is ‘okay.’ That is special attention to detail—and especially during this COVID-19 pandemic; I see that as an absolute win.

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