Do I have to pay tax in earnings from OnlyFans in the US?

Yes you have to pay tax on income earned from OnlyFans in the United States of America. If you are an OnlyFans creator then it means that you are running a business with yourself.

So, you are not an employee of OnlyFans but a sole proprietor running your own business on OnlyFans and you will receive a 1099NEC form and not W2 Form at the end of the year.

You have to fill the W9 form while creating a account on OnlyFans as a creator.

You have file the tax yourself but most of you didn’t have any experience of filling income tax before. Relax, it’s easy when you can earn on OnlyFans the you can definitely file the income tax.

I will advise you to create a separate bank account for receiving payments from OnlyFans. You should use that account to get payment from OnlyFans and should pay all the expenses of OnlyFans from that account only.

Don’t forget that you are not an employee of OnlyFans but a business owner. So you can show your expenses for creating OnlyFans videos that will reduce your income tax.

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